Weekend rental with buggy starting at only $199!

Pickup a car anytime on Friday and have the car returned by 10 am Monday morning.

If you wish to extend your rental, we can offer you a plan to pay your rent daily.


Terms & Conditions:

  • All Payments must be made up front.

  • You must pay a $199 deposit. You will get it back within 30 days from the pick up date.

  • You MUST have an active EZ-Pass in the car at all times.

Please note that the price will NOT be reduced or discounted if you choose to return the car early. 

Other Info:

If the car is returned after 10 AM there is a late return fee of $100.

The car has to be returned clean inside and out (as you got it) or there will be a $35 cleaning fee.

If the car is returned missing gas there is a $20 gas charge, per quarter.

Please return the car in the same condition it was given to you, so it is immediately ready for the next driver.