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Bronx Car Vhecial provider

In the Bronx, are you looking for an affordable TLC earnshare vehicle? Apply online or visit our location in the Bronx for swift approval.

If you want to rent a short-term, long-term TLC vehicle, or just drive your TLC car for some extra cash on the weekends. To suit your needs, Buggy provides flexible rental terms.

Looking for an Affordable TLC

Have any friends or family members looking for a cheap TLC driveapps enabler in the BX? Earn up to $300 for each referral you send us! 

Driving your TLC Car

All of our TLC cars come with insurance, repairs & roadside assistance from TLC. Call Buggy and start today in the Bronx driving your TLC car!

Buggy Car Rental in Bronx

691 Burke Ave, Bronx, NY 10467

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