Q: How do I purchase an E-ZPass?

A: You can purchase an E-ZPass at your local DMV, or at an E-ZPass Office located closest to you.


Q: How do I set up my E-ZPass?

A: When you purchase an E-ZPass, all of the directions are written in the provided manual. However, you can always ask the representative at the purchased location to help set up your account. You can also come to the Buggy office location, and a representative will be happy to help you setup your account.


Q: How do I pay for my tolls if they did not read correctly while going through the toll booth and my E-ZPass was not charged?

A: If your E-ZPass was not charged for any reason while going through the toll booth, Buggy will pay for those tolls on your behalf, and then then add those tolls to your Buggy account balance with an additional $5 fee for each toll.


Q: Why is my E-ZPass not reading correctly?

A: There are a few reasons that your E-ZPass is not reading correctly. If you notice that your E-ZPass is not reading correctly, make sure to check the following: Make sure your transponder is located right behind the rearview mirror. Make sure you are not speeding through the toll lanes. Make sure that you always have enough money on your E-ZPass at all times. We highly recommend that you get Auto-Replenishment set up on your E-ZPass, and have it connected to a valid bank account. This way your E-ZPass will automatically charge your card to ensure that you always have enough money before your balance gets too low.


Q: What happens if I receive a traffic ticket (ie; camera tickets for parking, red light, speeding, bus lanes, etc)?

A: For parking and camera violations, Buggy will attempt to transfer the ticket liability to the driver's name and charge the driver a $10 processing fee. Buggy will NOT be paying for the ticket, each driver is responsible to pay for each of their tickets. However, If we are unable to transfer liability to the driver's name, Buggy will give the driver 72 hours to take care of the ticket after which Buggy pay the ticket on your behalf and charge the driver the ticket cost and a $10 processing fee.


Q: How do I go about paying for a ticket?

A: To pay for a ticket online, click here Pay Tickets to NYC Department of Finance, and type in your violation number. You can also go to your local DMV to pay for your ticket.


Q: How do I dispute a ticket if I was not at fault?

A: You can go to you local DMV to dispute your ticket. You can also download the NYC Parking Pay or Dispute App, or you can download the WinIt App and follow the directions to dispute your ticket.