Transportation as a Service

Buggy TLC

Buggy is happy to provide vehicles to VIA for their Transit On Demand service. We offer cars that are ready to drive so you can focus on earning more and worrying less. Please take 10 min and review our policies and information for driving VIA in a Buggy car in each of our locations, Valdosta GA, Roanoke VA, City Park UT below.




Once you sign our contract, you are able to drive in any of the vehicles that Via will assign you to drive. You will not need to sign the contract again, unless you terminate your contract with Via, and then decide to start again later on.

Weekly Rent:

Rent is $13.25 per hour, and is only charged based on the time you have the vehicle for.

For example, if you only worked 8 hours in a week, you will only be charged for 8 hours.

The rental payment is due each week on Monday.

We will deduct this payment through Via directly, so you most likely do not need to worry about being charged through your credit card.

We will only charge your credit card on file if you owe anything in addition to your rent, and if you don’t have enough money in your via earnings. Like late fees, or damage fees, cleaning fees, etc. You will be notified if this happens before we charge you.

Shifts/Customer Support:

If you need to ask a question, like what time you are supposed to start and end, or if you are having any technical issues with the apps you are using, or any incidents that may have occurred please contact Via directly through their live support.

However Buggy will have our phone number listed on one of the cards in the vehicle.

Mandatory Pictures of the vehicle before and after each shift:

You will receive a link from us to your phone, of a form that must be filled out each day to start and end your shift.

This is mandatory, and for your own security. This ensures that you will only be responsible for damages that you incur.

If pictures are not submitted before and after each shift, and any damage is found by the next driver upon inspection, the damages will be your responsibility if you did not submit proof of otherwise.

So, to avoid being wrongfully charged for damages, pictures must be submitted of the outside and inside of the vehicle each day before and after your shift.


Each car will have a fuel card attached to the keychain. This card is obviously only meant to be used for Gas. It is accepted at all Exxon Mobil locations. Please be sure to return the cars with a full tank of gas to be ready for the next driver.

Maintenance issues:

If there are any mechanical problems, or issues, like a flat tire, a light goes out, etc. It is extremely important to please let VIA know right away so they can direct you and tell you what to do.

For example, if it is a small issue, they may tell you to fix it yourself and save the receipt so you can get reimbursed. Or if it is a bigger issue, they may see if they have another vehicle available to switch you into.


If you get into an accident with another vehicle, please call 9-11 immediately, and make sure to file a police report.

Be sure to take pictures of the damages, and try to get the other party’s vehicle information as well as their contact information if possible. Whether it is an accident, or you parked the vehicle for a quick break, and you see that your vehicle is damaged when you come back, or you drive into a pole, you are responsible if you damage the vehicle.

If the damage incident occurs while in the vehicle but not logged into the app, or you are logged into the app but not on a trip, like when you are on a break, or stopped to use the restroom, etc, your insurance will be considered primary, and an insurance claim will be opened through your own personal insurance. Buggy will help you file the insurance claim, but you need to be sure to provide VIA with your valid insurance card, and any information you can give them from the incident.- If the damage occurred while on a trip, (either on your way to pickup a passenger, or on your way to drop them off), your personal insurance will be secondary, but all claims will go through Via’s Insurance.

In all cases, Buggy may charge you up to $500 deductible. Once the insurance claim is closed, if the result is that you (the driver) is not at fault, we will refund the $500, however these claims may take a few weeks to a few months, so you are required to complete the payment of up to $500 no matter what, which can be paid through a weekly payment plan of minimum $100 over your rental amount.


Cleaning Fee:
Be sure to clean the vehicle before you return it and bring it back the same way you received it. If the car is brought back dirty, there may be a fee up to $50. No need to deep clean each time, however garbage, food, etc must be removed before the car is returned. Remember, there maybe a driver picking the car up right after you for a shift, so please be considerate.

Smoking Fee:
There is absolutely no smoking or vaping in the vehicle of any kind. If Buggy finds that there was smoking in the vehicle, either from the smell, or ash/ cigarette burns etc. in the vehicle, it is at our discretion to charge a $250 smoking fine.

Ticket Fee:
You are responsible to take care of any traffic tickets that you may receive, however if the tickets are not paid and sent to us via mail, Buggy may pay for the ticket on your behalf, and charge your account with a $10 fee.

Key Fee:
If you lose the key, there will be a fee of $300.If you find the key and later return it, we will refund the $300. We may put you on a minimum payment plan of $100 over your rent per week.

WAV fee for belts:
If you are assigned to a Wheelchair Accessible vehicle, you will find a set of safety belts in the vehicle for the wheelchair hookup. Total cost for the full set is $320.$75 for each belt, (2 in each vehicle), $75 for each Q’straint lock (2 in each vehicle), and $5 for each blue extension belt (4 in each vehicle) You maybe subject to these fees if you misplace, lose, break the items, or if the items are stolen

Late Arrival Fee:
$13.25 for each hour you are late. To avoid the late fee, If you know you will not be able to start on time, please contact Via at least 24 hours in advance to change your shift time.

Late Return Fee:
$13.25 for each hour you are late in returning the vehicle. You will have a 30 minute grace period to make sure the car is cleaned and filled with gas. If for some reason you are running later then that, please let VIA know right away, but understand you may still be subject to a late fee.

No Show Fee:
You may be subject to the full rental cost of the shift you were booked for if you were assigned a shift but you did not show up without advance notice. To avoid this fee, be sure to contact Via to let them know at least 24 hours in advance that you are unable to work this shift, so that they can find a replacement.