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Buggy pickup guidelines

To pickup your Buggy vehicle you will need to bring your debit/credit card to the appointment.

Please note, to pick up the car you are required to pay a security deposit that will be returned to you one month after your car is returned as long as no tickets or toll charges come in.

If you have an E-ZPass device/transponder, please bring it with you to the appointment.

For new Uber drivers, please have your banking information.

Pickup location is 183 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11225

Our main office is 445 Empire Blvd Brooklyn NY 11225, however it will be closed when you come for pickup so please use the previous location.

You will have a 30 min grace period before we reschedule you for the next available appointment.
Please text us at 3473346315 if you're running late.

Thank you,

Buggy Tlc