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Q: What does this mean:
A: You will be able to make Cash payments for your rent remotely in your local 7/11, Dollar General, Family Dollar, or Speedway for only a $2 fee, without having to come all the way to the office!

Q: How will this work?

A: We will be sending you a link with a bar code. You will be able to go to any participating stores closest to you with this bar code. You will give the Cashier your cash payment, and they will need to scan the bar code and give you a receipt. They will then be able to transfer the funds from their store, directly to our bank account, where it will then be applied to your balance at Buggy and your rent will be paid!

Q: What do you need to do?
A: Please reply to the message we sent you and let us know if you are interested in this option or not, and we will send you the link. You can use the same link every time!

Cash Payment Locations