Refer Drivers - Earn Money

Refer new drivers to buggy, have them pickup a car and receive $100 it’s that easy!


(1) Refer a friend

Refer a friend to Buggy, have them message us at (347) 334-6317 to ask for an application or click below to fill out an application.

(2) Pickup a Car

Have your friend let us know when they pickup the car that you referred them.

(3) Get Paid

Come to Buggy to receive your $100!


Rules and the Terms of Use:

1.Who is eligible to be a referrer?

Any past Buggy driver may refer a driver to Buggy and receive the referral reward.

2.Who is eligible to be a referee?

Your friends, family, and other people you know (but not yourself) may be eligible to be referees. To determine eligibility, keep in mind the following stipulations:

To receive a Referral Reward for referring someone who drives with Buggy, your referee must (a) be a new Buggy driver, (b) meet the conditions Buggy has for all drivers, and (c) when picking up the vehicle inform the representative assisting that they were referred. Your referees can only be referred once, so if someone else has referred them or they have previously driven with Buggy they will not be able to use you as a referral.

If you are providing Buggy with the contact information for your referees, you represent that you have the right to provide that information.

3.How do I receive my Referral Reward as a referrer?

As long as you and your referee/invitee follow these Rules and the Terms of Use governing your Buggy rental, you will receive your Referral Reward. if you no longer drive with Buggy you can come pick up a check within 10 days. Please remember the referee must give your name on the day of his pickup for you to be eligible to receive the referral reward.

Buggy reserves the right to set a limit on the number of times you may use your referral code. The requirements for receiving, and the amounts of, Referral Rewards are subject to change at Buggy's sole discretion.

If you as the referee have a current balance with Buggy, the referral reward will be applied to that balance.

4.Termination and changes

Buggy reserves the right to change, end, or pause, in whole or in part, any referral program, as well as any referrer or referees ability to participate in any referral program or receive Referral Rewards at any time for any reason, including suspected fraud (including by either the referrer and/or referee), abuse, or any violation of these Rules. If Buggy ends any referral program, any unredeemed Referral Rewards may be forfeited at that time, provided we give you 10 days of notice to use or redeem your Referral Rewards.

Buggy may update these Rules at any time. If Buggy makes an update, Buggy will post the update on the website. Continued participation in any referral program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update.