Forget the fireworks, your earnings are going to be the real show this year. Celebrate the freedom to make money this holiday and pick up a weekend rental with Buggy on Wednesday and drop it off by Monday. Choose to rally around the road to financial freedom this 4th of July by calling and booking now!           
           UberX = $290.00 (inc taxes and fees)
           UberComfort = $330.00 (inc taxes and fees)
           UberXL/WAV = $370.00 (inc taxes and fees)
Drivers of Buggy WAV vehicles are eligible for an extra $180 paid by UBER directly after completing 50 rides in a week. Drivers may be eligible for this incentive if you complete the requisite rides during your weekend rental.

APPLY NOW (Full Terms and Conditions Below):

Terms and conditions:

Pick up Wednesday, July 3rd, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Appointment required)
Return on Monday July 8th, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Appointment required)·     
Deposit Due at Signing: $99.00
·      Deposit will be returned two weeks after rental—any unpaid tickets, tolls or damage will be deducted
·      Credit card required on file during entirety of rental
·      Rental payment due at return on Monday July 8th
·      All drivers must pass Buggy Insurance Underwriting prior to rental (police reports must be provided for all accidents on your Driving Record)
·      Returns more than 30 minutes after scheduled time will incur an additional charge of one full rental day.
Insurance included in rental—up to $1,000 damage deductible, which will be refunded if the company’s insurance claim is successful and covers damage costs.

Buggy car rental location


445 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn NY,11225


+(1) 888-524-8449