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The Toyota Sienna minivan has been around for decades, but the current model debuted just a couple of years ago. There’s a lot to like with this latest Sienna. It’s actually a hybrid, and that means it gets better fuel economy than most rival minivans. The EPA estimates that the Sienna gets 36 mpg in combined driving, versus 26 mpg combined for the Honda Odyssey. On top of that you get the typical Sienna advantages such as seating for up to eight passengers and available all-wheel drive. It won’t get you as many places as an SUV, but the Sienna offers as much space and cargo room as all but the largest of thos


There aren’t many minivans on the market anymore, but those that are
still around are pretty competitive. You might check out the Honda
Odyssey, which is quicker and more enjoyable to drive than the Sienna,
or the Chrysler Pacific, which is unique for the class by offering a
plug-in hybrid power train that offers an EPA-estimated 32 miles of
all-electric driving range, plenty for running around town during the
day. Is the Sienna the best for you? Check out our test team’s Expert
Rating below for a full rundown of its biggest advantages and drawbacks.

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