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Toyota Corolla gives you the control you crave. With a traditional first gear and ten selectable ratios, Corolla’s paddle shifters let you take command and set your own pace.

Wring more excitement out of every corner. Corolla is close to the ground, keeping its center of gravity low for enhanced responsiveness and stability in the turns. Its optimized suspension helps reduce body roll, keeping this Corolla planted when things get twisty, all while smoothing out the bumps of the everyday drive.


Three distinct available drive modes give you even more control. Sport Mode indulges your spirited side with a sharper acceleration feel, while Eco Mode adjusts throttle input to help maximize your efficiency. Normal Mode blends fuel economy with performance. With these choices, you can instantly tailor your drive to suit your whim, just by pressing a button. When you’re in reverse, the standard backup camera activates and gives you a view of what’s happening directly behind your car. Let this feature help you when you’re backing up or parking in a tight spot.


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