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How great it is to be a WAV driver Wav Car Rentals

How great it is to be a WAV driver? | Wav car rental

The Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a vehicle made to accommodate wheelchair users. They are made to ensure that transport is easy, safe, and convenient for individuals with disabilities, their caregivers and families. A WAV car rental allows you the ability to drive anywhere you want in your own space. For people with disabilities who are able to drive their own vehicle themselves,

WAVs are designed to meet wheelchair users’ requirements and provide many benefits for wheelchair users and their lives. They can be converted into the drive of a wheelchair front passenger, or row two or three configurations. Furthermore, each vehicle can be designed to meet the needs of the wheelchair user regardless of whether it’s manual or electric and the individual requirements of each person.

More Independence & Freedom

For those who are wheelchair-bound, waiting time for an accessible taxi or Uber is often long and tiring, and certain methods of public transportation are restricted.  it gives them more independence instead of having to rely on a relative or caregiver to get them there. This also makes the work of caregivers a lot easier and therefore, local trips such as visiting the local supermarket or pharmacy can be less time-consuming and are much more convenient.

In the present COVID environment having a personal WAV can help wheelchair users to self-isolate when they need to go to appointments that are important to them.

Less Strain & Pain

Transferring into or out of vehicles not made for wheelchairs could be strenuous and exhausting for both the driver and the passenger. WAV car rental are made to offer the best comfort and security. Moving into a vehicle that’s not made for wheelchairs could be exhausting and stressful for the caregiver and the person in the vehicle. WAVs are made to offer the best comfort and security. Moving a wheelchair-bound person to a vehicle that’s not specifically accessible for wheelchairs can be stressful, dangerous, and uncomfortable for both the person who is riding and the caregiver. WAVs are specifically designed to facilitate the process as smoothly as is possible, WAV car rental preventing any transfers from wheelchair seats. This prevents the unnecessary pressure that is put on the wheelchair user’s shoulders and wrists if they’re transferring themselves.

Saves Time & Energy

If you’ve learned the art of getting your wheelchair or yourself to and from cars, as well as folding and unpacking your wheelchair, it’s still going to take a significant amount of energy and time. WAVs have ramps and lifts that can simplify the process, giving you some of the time and energy that you have to use for other important matters during the day! No matter where you’re headed it is possible to have a WAV rental near me take off on the road as fast as possible.

Unparalleled Safety

WAVs are designed with the highest standards of safety to accommodate wheelchair users. They’re also adapted to meet the needs of the particular wheelchair user to make sure they’re able to transfer between and within vehicles in the safest method. The equipment in a WAV is designed to minimize the chance of injury to both the wheelchair user as well as the caregiver. A docking system for wheelchairs can be added, which provides an alternative for users to manual restraint systems. With WAV, WAV car rental you can be sure that you’re using one of the safest methods to travel. As a leader in the field of Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV conversions, we recognize the challenges of traveling with a person who is disabled or has restricted mobility can be a challenge. If you’re looking to get out more often look into using a WAV near me.

 Does Lyft & Uber Offer a WAV Equivalent?

Yes, Lyft & Uber offers a WAV equivalent service called Lyft Assist & Uber Wav. If you need an accessible ride, be sure to request a Lyft Assist or Uber Wav driver. Lyft Assist isn’t available in all cities, so check your Lyft app for availability but Uber Wav you can find services in the Majority of cities’ worldwide. Lyft & Uber drivers also must drive a vehicle with a wheelchair lift or ramp. They need to pass a third-party certification process about how to assist people with disabilities.

Let’s look into The Wav Driver Pay Rates.

We see the WAV pay rate. The rates are higher than the average non-WAV driver, and also you get a lot of incentive on completing a trip in WAV. Let’s get deep into it two biggest rideshare companies, Uber and Lyft, offer different pay rates and incentives. Do you know which rideshare company is best for you we did a comparison of two rideshare companies in the USA have a look at our previous article (Uber or Lyft Which One is Best Apps for Extra Cash -TLC Rentals)

Have a Look first at Uber Miles Pay Rates

Average non-wav trips earnings are $1.103 per mile, or a Wav driver trips making are $1.429 per mile. These are the Average per miles rates, and the rates also depend on your work. If you work more than an average hour, your per miles’ rates are increased.

Uber Per minute Pay Rates

A non-wave driver earns $0.502. On the other hand, the Wav driver makes $0.609 per minute. These are the per-minute rates and rates we get through our TLC drivers. Let’s compare the Lyft rates with Uber and see who’s most influential and best for our drivers.

Have a Look first at Lyft Miles Pay Rates

Do you know Lyft drivers’ average non-Wav tips are  $1.161 per mile, or a Wav driver’s trips earnings are $1.504 per mile? Average per miles rates depends on the hours you work. If you work more than an average hour, your per miles rates are increased.

Per-minute  Lyft Pay Rates

A non-wave driver earns $0.529. On the other hand, the Wav driver’s earnings per minute $0.529. These are the per-minute rates and rates we get through our TLC drivers. If you’re looking to get out more often look into using a WAV near me.

Wrapping Up

Are you excited to learn that you can take Uber Wav or Lift rides while using your non-collapsible wheelchair?

Assuming this is the case, feel free to check it out. If you want to be  Uber WAV or Lyft Assist let us know and start earning today.

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