Our Partnership with Uber ​

Become an Uber driver and start your own business

Uber is an app that allows you to start your own business. Sign up with us to get a rideshare-ready vehicle and start earning money whenever it suits you. Buggy has licensed, insured, and new sedans and SUVs ready for you. Our business is simple. We deliver the best value for your investment with top-quality vehicles.

Become an Uber driver with our easy website and flexible terms. Book your car now

Buggy is the pioneer of rideshare vehicles in Atlanta.

We provide cars for Uber technology on a weekly or monthly fee basis. Book our rental services now for competitive rates with DMV endorsement. You need to pass our application process before being permitted to rent any of our vehicles.

Your city, your ride!


Get an Uber car

Buggy is the best platform to rent a car to drive and earn for Uber in Atlanta. Get picked up in less than a day and enjoy the best weekly rental rates.


Affordable, Reliable, and Comfortable

Renting a car for Uber is fast and easy with Buggy. Book your favorite and fully insured vehicles to start your earnings for Uber.