Q: When is the rent due?
A: Buggy’s weekly billing cycle is very simple to understand. Your first rental payment will be due exactly 1 week from the day you pick up the vehicle, and every 7 days after that. For example, if you picked up the vehicle on a Monday, your first rental payment will be due 7 days later on that Sunday, and every Sunday moving forward. If you picked the car up on a Wednesday, your rent will be due 7 days later on Tuesday, and every Tuesday moving forward, and so forth. You can always contact one of our Buggy representatives to confirm your rental due date if you are not sure.

Q: Which payment methods are available to pay for my rent?

A: We have a few different methods of payment available. We accept direct payments through Zelle or Quick Pay from participating bank accounts, Remote Cash payments at any of our participating locations (Please see our FAQ regarding the details of Remote Cash), or of course you can pay with your debit or credit card. (Please note, additional fees may apply when paying with your credit or debit card).

Q: What is Instant Pay?
A: Instant Pay means your earning are available to cash out from your Uber app instantly, and there is no need to wait for a weekly payment. You can cash out with Instant Pay up to 5 times per day. This will be very helpful to you so you can make sure to pay your weekly rent on time. You must be sure to set up Instant Pay with Uber.