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Keep your car for 3 weeks and get the 4th week free!


If you are looking for a great deal, this is the one is for you!

Keep your car for an additional three weeks and get the four week free!

Please contact Buggy if you are interested. Promotion lasts for a limited time only!

  • If you started the promotion between Monday-Wednesday, the promotion begins immediately, and the one week free will be applied to the last week of the 4 week period.

  • If you started the promotion between Thursday-Sunday, the one week free promotion will start the following Monday (your first full week) and will be applied to the last week of the 4 week period starting from that following Monday.


  • The car has to be kept for the full four weeks.

  • The driver must have a clear balance when returning the car.

  • There cannot be any damage done to the vehicle including damage due to an accident.

  • The driver must comply with all the terms of a regular rental including but not limited to making timely and complete payments, time of return, gas and condition of vehicle.

If any of the above conditions are not met, Buggy has the right to terminate the one week free promotion.


Other Info:

A refundable deposit of $399 or higher (depending on drivers level of insurance) is required for all pickups.

The optional $25 insurance to lower the deductible will still be charged (if the driver chose to sign up to it) as it is not included in the rental.

The driver must give the one weeks advance notice before returning the car.