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Buggy’s Winter Promotion - Get a reduced rate for 8 weeks!


Pickup a car some time between Monday February 18th and Monday April 1st for a 10 week period.

There will be an eight-week reduced rate which can be up-to $90 off a week!!
Afterwards the rate will revert back to the standard rate for the last two weeks.

If you start the promotion between Monday-Wednesday, the promotion begins immediately and that will be counted as your first week.

If you start the promotion between Thursday-Sunday, the promotion will start the following Monday (your first full week) and the reduced rate will be applied to that week.


Terms & Conditions

If any of the following conditions are not met, Buggy reserves the right to cancel the promotion and the driver will be charged the difference between the standard rate of the car and the promo rate for the total number of weeks the driver rented the car:

  • The car must be rented for the full 10 weeks.

  • The driver may not have a balance when returning the vehicle.

  • The driver had an accident with a Buggy vehicle and/or caused any damage to the vehicle in this time period.

  • The driver must comply with all the terms of a regular rental including but not limited to time of return, gas and condition of vehicle.

Buggy reserves the right to change, end or pause the 10 Week Promo, in which case Buggy will give the driver a full weeks notice beforehand, and the rental price will revert to the standard rate.


Other Info:

A refundable deposit of $399 or higher (depending on drivers level of insurance) is required for all pickups.

The optional $25 insurance to lower the deductible will still be charged (if the driver chooses to sign up for it) as it is not included in the rental.

The driver still needs to give the one week notice before returning the car.

This offer is open to all drivers whose start date with Buggy is between February 18th 2019 and April 1st. This also includes drivers who previously rented a vehicle from Buggy but returned the car before February 18th ("qualified drivers").