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TLC car rental

The Best Rideshare Rentals In New York City

Looking for a car to earn with Uber or other rideshare apps without using your own car.

Buggy TLC is a freelance vehicle provider if you have a TLC license and you are

looking to drive for Uber Lyft and other Taxi/Cab services Buggy is just for you

Rideshare Car Rental

Step up your Rideshare Game with Buggy's Rental Cars

Buggy rideshare rental has a wide range of SUVs, Sedan, and hybrid vehicles to meet every rental need. Take your pick of a Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, and more. Enhance your driving and earning plan with Buggy rideshare rental in New York. Check out our entire range of rideshare vehicles and reserve your model.

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how it works

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The Best TLC Car Rental Fleet in New York City









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Our Locations

Buggy Miami

Enjoy your rideshare earnings here in Miami with Buggy’s best rideshare vehicles. Apply now for a vehicle of your choice and start earning in no time

Buggy Las Vegas

Start earning from the most common rideshare apps in no time with Rideshare Rental in Las Vegas

Buggy Orlando

Drive your passengers through the roads of Orlando with Buggy rideshare vehicles in a real comfort to earn in a comfortable manner

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Looking for an easy way to earn money on your own schedule? Join Buggy and start driving with our partner network. Choose your favorite ridesharing brand to start driving and earning for them.
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